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May 14 2013

Project Prototype

The prototype Calum Murray and I developed for this project is a scene that extents the HIVE room into the screen. Two displays are placed inside that room. A PlayStation Move controller is mapped one to one inside the virtual space. The sphere colour of the virtual PlayStation Move controller is the same colour as …

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May 12 2013

Move.me and Unity 3D

For the prototype for my innovation project Motion Control in Combination with Stereoscopic 3D, I decided to use Play Station Move. The reason for that was that Play Station Move allows to track acceleration, rotation and position of the controller. Additionally, the video stream of the Play Station Eye can be used for head-tracking, which …

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May 03 2013

Motion Control

The current generation of consoles introduced motion controlled games to the main market. This blog entry is about the technical background of the three different motion controllers from Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft. For using this devices in the HIVE I have one restriction. The devices have to be usable on the PC. It is not …

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May 03 2013

Innovation and Professional Development

This is my first blog entry for my Innovation and Professional Development project at Abertay University. I was supposed to do a weekly entry about my on-going research what I did not manage to do. This was mainly a time management problem. I was mainly focused on implementing a prototype and totally forgot that I …

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