May 14 2013

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Project Prototype

The prototype Calum Murray and I developed for this project is a scene that extents the HIVE room into the screen. Two displays are placed inside that room. A PlayStation Move controller is mapped one to one inside the virtual space. The sphere colour of the virtual PlayStation Move controller is the same colour as the colour of the physical PlayStation Move controller. Two PlayStation Move controllers can be used at the same time. Holding down the trigger button places a ball at the PlayStation Move sphere position. With releasing the trigger button the ball can be thrown in the room. The prototype has four different versions. The first version is for normal 3D and can be used with iZ3D in the HIVE. The second version is for the use with anaglyph glasses. It uses StereoskopixFOV2GO V3 for the S3D effect. Third (16:9 screen) and fourth (for HIVE) version is also for the use with anaglyph glasses. Here parallel projection was used for the S3D effect. Optional when a FaceAPI streamer application runs in the background this version can be used for the developed Ortho-stereo effect. The Ortho-stereo can also be made with side by side pictures. Therefore, it should be possible to use the Ortho-stereo effect with a 3D display. At the moment I do not have a 3D display. But as soon as I have one I will try out our prototype on it. Maybe it will also soon be possible to use the side by side version in the HIVE.

The first video shows the version without S3D.

Download: 360p | 720p | iPhone

The second video shows StereoskopixFOV2GO V3 version for anaglyph glasses

Download: 360p | 720p | iPhone

The third video shows the parallel projection version.

Download: 360p | 720p | iPhone

The forth video shows me playing the Ortho-stereo version.

Download: 360p | 720p | iPhone

And once again a video of Ortho-stereo version.

Download: 360p | 720p | iPhone

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