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Oculus Rift Racing Game Prototype

In the winter semester 2013/2014 I was working on a project with the Oculus Rift Development Kit. Purpose of the project was to get to know the Oculus Rift and see what is possible with it. Additionally, it was important for me to find out, which technical problems still need to be solved before VR can be a commercial success and if VR is the future of the games industry.

Within my project I developed a small racing game prototype out of the racing game tutorial of Unity. I developed two versions. One classical display version and one Oculus Rift version.

With these two prototypes I made a user test with 40 participants. The results I used to write a paper which I submitted to the Informatics Inside 2014 conference in Reutlingen.

Later I also had the opportunity to present my results of my project at the 14th Games Day at Media University Stuttgart.
Presentation Games Day Video (German)


Informatics Inside 2014 Paper
Informatics Inside 2014 Poster
Presentation Games Day Slides

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