May 12 2013

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Stereoscopic 3D inside Unity 3D

After I have solved the problem with using PlayStation Move inside Unity I needed to find out how I can use stereoscopic 3D (S3D) inside Unity.

One option is to use iZ3D. In Unity nothing changes compared to the normal 3D application. iZ3D creates the S3D effect. The only parameters that can be configured are Separation and Convergence. This is approach is OK to create a static S3D effect, but to create Ortho-Stereo effect with head tracking and adjustment accordingly it is better to be able to define a S3D camera inside Unity and adjust the values inside the game.

S3D support is not a built-in feature for Unity. But there are plugins for Unity, which implement S3D functionality. The plugin I used was StereoskopixFOV2GO V3. The plugin costs 10$. However, after downloading it you have access to the scripts that implement the S3D functionality. I was able to use StereoskopixFOV2GO V3 for the prototype development on my PC using anaglyph glasses. With this plugin it is possible to render side by side images, which can be used for S3D TVs. So far I was not able to use the plugin inside the HIVE. The screen setup of the HIVE does not allow to use it and I was not allowed to change the screen-setup of the HIVE. However, it is possible to create a S3D camera in Unity, adjust image separation and zero parallax distance inside Unity. It is also possible to reprogram and adjust the script. As I found out with this script it is possible in Unity to define the projection matrix for the camera. This is very important for the Ortho-Stereo effect.

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