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Bachelor Thesis

Adaptive Terrain Rendering using DirectX 11 Shader Pipeline

My thesis is about the development of a terrain rendering algorithm that uses the DirectX 11 shader pipeline for rendering and the ability of DirectX 11 to render a view-dependent level of detail system. The basics of terrain rendering and level of detail systems are described and previous work that has been done on the subject of adaptive terrain rendering is discussed. In addition, an explanation of the DirectX 11 shader pipeline is provided. This shows how the new shader stages of the pipeline are integrated to support hardware tessellation. Accordingly the developed algorithm will be described and its usefulness for terrain rendering will be explored. Finally the difficulties of the development will be mentioned and the future work will be discussed.

My thesis can be downloaded here.

Additionally I have added two videos and a screenshot gallery of my demo application.


Download: 360p | 720p | iPhone

Download: 360p | 720p | iPhone

For the wireframe video I had to increase the bit rate. It will take some time to load it. My advice is to download it.


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