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Unreal Development Kit Map

In my internship at Acony I had the opportunity to learn the level design basics of the Unreal Development Kit (UDK). A big thank you goes to Mikhail Kadikov, who taught me the basic skills of level design with the Unreal Engine. As a result I created a map for the UDK. The map can be seen in the screenshots gallery or in the video I have added above. You can also download my map here. To play this map you will need the February 2010 UDK beta.

Additionally I wrote some pages about how to create a map in UDK. I wrote this paper in German. You can download the paper here.

If someone is interested in level creation with UDK have a look at the Level Creation Home of Unreal Developer Network. All important information about level creation with UDK can be found there.


Download: 360p | 720p | iPhone


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