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Architecture 3D Real-Time Visualization

My first project in my studies at Hochschule der Medien Stuttgart I did in cooperation with Spiral Studios and architect Klaus von Bock. We worked on it from March 2009 to July 2009. The project was about a virtual and interactive inspection of architecture. Achieving the best possible visible quality was of particular importance. It should allow architects to test their work and present it to their customers. With that customers could have a visual experience before the building is built.

For the first prototype we decided to use the Cry Engine 2 Mod SDK. At this time the Cry Engine 2 was the most powerful engine, which allowed us to make an interactive inspection of architecture with the possibility to change the time of day in real-time. My tasks were the development of interface, controls and interaction possibilities. Therefore I learned how to use Flash for HUD creation and how you can integrate the flash HUD into Cry Engine 2 SDK.

I have added screenshots and a video. The video shows the demo in action.


Download: 360p | 720p | iPhone


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