May 03 2013

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Innovation and Professional Development

This is my first blog entry for my Innovation and Professional Development project at Abertay University. I was supposed to do a weekly entry about my on-going research what I did not manage to do. This was mainly a time management problem. I was mainly focused on implementing a prototype and totally forgot that I should write blog entries about it. However, I made a lot research about my topic. Therefore I will make some blog entries that will summarise the work I have done for this project over the last two semester.

First some words about my project. It is called Motion Control in Combination with Stereoscopic 3D. The purpose of this project is to get to know the different motion control input devices and to see how they can be combined with Stereoscopic 3D to make a unique gaming experience. The idea for the project was first connected with a game idea Racket. It should be a digital squash game that generates an audio-visual experience with the use of motion control, generative audio and stereoscopic 3D. The idea was to research different topics that were important for the creation of the game and develop the game at the same time to find out if the ideas we had at our research could be mapped to an actual game project. Later it was decided from our team and our lecturers that we will not pursue the making of the game this semester. But I still wanted to research motion control and stereoscopic 3D to first learn how these techniques work and to find out what can be done with this technology. Therefore, I decided to make a prototype in Unity to play to explore how I can use motion control in combination with stereoscopic 3D.

It is planned to test the prototype inside the Haptic Interactive Virtual Environment (HIVE) of Abertay University Dundee. The HIVE is a facility of the University of Abertay Dundee with a large 3D stereo vision screen. This facility is the perfect test ground for my project.

The next entry will be about Motion Control in general. The history of motion control, what for commercial devices are available today and how they can be used on the PC. The following post will be about stereoscopic 3D. It will be answered how this technique works and which problems it brings with it. After this entry I will write about my first tries to use the Move.Me API inside Unity 3D.

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