Feb 05 2013

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I’m Still Alive

It has been a long time since my last post. It was over a year. When I created my homepage I didn’t plane to wait that long until I write my next post. But it happened. I was really busy last year. I started to study Computer Science and Media (Master of Science) in Stuttgart and worked at Daimler. I’m now for one year in Dundee Scotland to do the Professional Master in Game Development. Yes it’s right I still want to be a Game Developer. After I finished my first game Hungry Hungry Ninja for my course at Abertay, I’m now certain that I want to work in this industry as a programmer.
Ok this post just will be a short one but I promise there will soon be another post. I will use my blog for my studies like I intended to in the first place. There will be posts about my “Innovation and Professional Development” project, which will be about the combination of motion control and stereoscopic 3D. Additionally, I will write posts here about my research I will do for my lecture “Narrative Theory in Interactive Game Design”. And that is not all. I will write about my coursework I will do in “Console Game Development”. It will be a small game for the PlayStation 2. When there is time left, I will write about improvements I implemented for my terrain. Last semester I worked on the result of my Bachelor thesis, improved it, put in a 3D model and a sky dome. This semester this prototype will be improved and procedural generation will be applied on my terrain.
There is a lot to come and hopefully I’m at least able to write a weekly entry.

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